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You receive a massive 40% off EVERYTHING on our website (excl Airtracks). That you can use whenever you want on whatever you want. 
This also includes EXCLUSIVE Strange Fam deals and limited edition t-shirts. 
You also receive a code to share that offers EVERYONE 25% off their order.
AND HERE'S THE EXCITING PART! You will receive a 10% commission on any orders you refer using your code or sharable link.
After applying and being accepted, you will be able to track your progress by logging into your affiliate account. Click here to Log in once you've been accepted 


You must be active on your social media channels. EG - Instagram, Facebook etc. No Account is too small!! 

To become an affiliate you will be required to purchase from our website with your 40% off discount. 
We offer an Affiliate Starter Pack that we recommend our affiliates to purchase to get them started. You are not required to purchase this pack.
This includes:
  • Strange Fam Tee- This shirt has your code that you promote on the back of it.
  • Strange Logo T-shirt 
  • Price - $30aud + Shipping
We have created a Strangeshirts Affiliate Only Instagram Account, once signed up, you will be required to follow this account and turn on your post notifications. 
If we are running a promotion, you may be required to post about it, you will be notified about these promotions via the Affiliate Only Instagram account. 
The 40% off discount for you to purchase our products with will be sent to you via the affiliate account you create once applied. Click here to Log in once accepted

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